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Looking for Veneers in Roswell, Ga.? Come to the Spa!

You probably know by now that veneers are an excellent option to give you the straight, evenly spaced, white teeth you’ve always wanted. But did you know that award-winning cosmetic dentists Dr. Estep and Dr. Boulden are right here in Roswell, Ga.?

Award-Winning Smile Design

At the 2010 Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics National Smile Gallery Competition, Drs. Estep and Boulden demonstrated why they are the most-sought-after veneers dentists in Roswell, Ga. The doctors dominated the competition, winning the coveted “Best of Show” award while also taking home the 1st and 2nd place trophies for Smile Makeover and Esthetic Dentistry categories.

High-Tech Dentistry

Part of the reason why our Roswell dentists can create such beautiful results is that they use the most advanced technology to create and place your veneers.

Drs. Estep and Boulden have developed their own brand of no-prep veneers, called UltraVeneers. Developed exclusively for the Atlanta Dental Spa and created by our own master ceramist, these extremely thin veneers require little to no contouring of the tooth enamel prior to placement.

We also have cosmetic imaging technology, which allows us to show you what your re-designed smile will look even before we start the procedure. Our Roswell patients are big fans of the ability to preview their smile before they decide whether to choose veneers.

Your Roswell Spa

Our patients actually look forward to their dentist visits! We’ve built our Roswell office to pamper you and put you at ease. Waterfalls greet you in the waiting room, and in the exam room, you sink into our relaxing Tempurpedic chairs and tune out everything around you with noise-cancelling headphones. And our Saturday hours mean that you can relax in our office after a stressful work week, and leave with a set of beautiful veneers!

We hope you will come visit our Roswell, Ga., office for a consultation to see if veneers can give you the smile you want.


Toothache? Don’t Put Off Seeing Your Atlanta Dentist

When you’re exercising, a little pain is good. But when it comes to your mouth, a toothache can indicate a serious problem. If you’re one of the many people in Atlanta suffering from a toothache, don’t put off seeing your dentist.

When to see your dentist

A toothache can be a warning of a more serious issue, and by addressing the problem early, the solution will likely be less painful and easier on your wallet.

Don’t ignore the pain. Visit your dentist if the toothache lasts more than a day or two, or if it’s accompanied by a fever, earache or pain when opening the mouth wide.

Causes of toothache

The most common causes of toothache are:

  • Decay or abscess
  • Gum recession, which can expose the nerve
  • A damaged filling
  • Worn teeth from daily activities of chewing or grinding

Treatments for toothache

  • If your toothache is caused by tooth decay, your dentist will need to fill the cavity or extract it, if the decay has weakened the structure of the tooth, and replace it with a crown or implant.
  • If infection has entered the tooth’s nerve, then a root canal might be necessary.
  • In cases where gum recession is causing the toothache, you might simply need a desensitizing agent such as special toothpaste or regular fluoride rinses.

Gentle Treatment

We know that many people put off dental treatment because of anxiety. Basically, the pain of the disease (your toothache) might seem preferable than what you imagine would be the pain of treatment.

Our gentle dentists go out of our way to make sure you experience little to no pain during your visits with us. Our skilled, efficient dentists and hygienists take great care to use the least-invasive techniques possible. We also use safe, effective sedation dentistry to completely erase any anxiety you might feel.

Remember, most toothaches won’t go away on their own, and they could point to a serious underlying cause, so don’t put off seeing your dentist. If you are in the area, contact our Atlanta dentists today to schedule your appointment and we’ll take care of your toothache right away!


Looking For A Fun Dentist for the Kids in Atlanta?

Getting a child to sit still for a tooth cleaning can be a challenge, to say the least. But our experienced, gentle Atlanta dentists are attuned to the needs of children. In fact, we create such a fun environment that your kids will ask to go to the dentist!

Kid-Friendly Staff

From Dr. Boulden and Dr. Estep to our hygienists and support staff, we know what it’s like to be a kid in a grown-ups’ world! That’s why we pay special attention to our youngest patients, talking to them in their language and making sure they understand every step of every procedure. Our gentle, compassionate approach makes kids feel safe and relaxed.

And we also know kids just want to have fun! All of our treatment rooms have satellite TVs in the ceiling where kids can watch cartoons or movies during their exams.

We also make sure that our young guests are comfortable in the exam chair, giving them warm blankets and pillows to make them feel more at home. And as always, we use the least invasive techniques possible to keep your kids’ teeth healthy. We believe that dentistry should be as painless as possible, especially for kids!

Good For The Whole Family

We want to be your family dentists, treating all of your children’s dental needs from their first checkup all the way through adulthood. And we know that safety is your primary concern when it comes to your family.

The safety of your family is as important to us as is it is to you, which is why we only use digital X-rays. This advanced technology emits up to 90% less radiation than conventional film X-rays.

Only The Best

You wouldn’t want anything less than the best dental care for your family. You can rest assured that Dr. Boulden and Dr. Estep are among the top dentists in the country. They have been recognized as Atlanta Magazine’s Top Dentists every year since the competition began, and Dr. Estep was voted one of America’s Top Cosmetic Dentists for five consecutive years.

If you’re looking for a fun, gentle dentist in Atlanta to take care of your kids’ dental hygiene, look no further than the Atlanta Dental Spa. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for the whole family.