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Say AHHHHhhhhhh…

The documentary film Say AHHHHhhhhhh… featuring the Atlanta Dental Spa team will be released this fall.

Say AHHHHhhhhhh… is an educational and interesting work that explains the role your mouth plays in regards your overall health and wellness in very simple terms. Your mouth is the gateway to your body and to your health. I had the privilege of viewing the documentary while in it’s last edits. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

At Atlanta Dental Spa, we are Complete Health Dentists, and we practice complete health dentistry every day. However as a Complete Health Dentist, I am so immersed in my practice that I struggle to illustrate how significantly an unhealthy mouth affects the systems of the whole body.

Courtesy of the Richmond Institute

I am so thankful for this film because it depicts the process of how gum disease and tooth decay lead to heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and premature births. The film also educates viewers on oral cancer and sleep apnea. America is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world despite its high expenditures on healthcare. More than half of American adults have unhealthy mouths.

As healthcare costs in this country rise, insurance premiums increase, and chances of finding quality care decrease. This is scary news for a population of severely unhealthy individuals. This film will help communities better understand the oral-systemic link and the importance of oral health to maintaining overall wellness. It is my hope as a complete health dentist that viewers will absorb this information for all of its value and translate it into a drive to attain their own optimal level of health and wellness. The good news is that this documentary reminds you that you already have tools to take control of your own health. We can free ourselves from healthcare costs as well as the need for invasive procedures and drugs. 

We can prevent these diseases from affecting us and we can even reverse our own diseases to a large extent. It all starts with your mouth!

Whiten without Whitening

Yes. This headline is totally real.

Our hygienists here at Atlanta Dental Spa can blast away common surface stains (coffee, tea or red wine) that build up and prove difficult to remove with twice daily brushing with dental cleaning tool Prophy Jet. Commonly referred to as the “magic eraser” by our team, the Prohphy Jet is a handheld tool that uses blasts of air and a baking soda-water mixture to polish your chompers to a natural, high-wattage-white smile.

Some Prophy Jet powders used in dentistry can be harmful to existing dental work (such as porcelain veneers), but Atlanta Dental Spa’s specialized formula is gentle on gums and safe for teeth, whether natural or porcelain.

Here’s one of last week’s results.

Click for more awesome before and afters. You know you want to.

Give Christy in Roswell or Kayleigh in Buckhead a call to schedule your hygiene appointment with one of our top-notch hygienists.

Have tetracycline stains that need a deeper whitening treatment? Learn more about KöR! Schedule a consultation with one of our treatment coordinators – these lovely ladies will help you design a treatment plan perfect for your smile and wallet.

Live Well This Summer

It’s hot. It’s summer. It’s vacation time. 

While summer is the time of year many of us look forward to, it also represents a time of lax schedules and indulgences. Parents ease up on their childrens’ snack portions and give a little slack on bedtime and hygiene routines. Even adults tend to flippantly skip their regimented beauty and hygiene routines in exchange for some extra lounge time.

Though relax and rest are crucial, hygiene and wellness are vital.

Take some time to adjust your schedule back to normal for the sake of healthy mouths, bodies and minds. Then get back to your R&R, of course.

Oral Hygiene

Maybe skipping out on brushing once or twice is okay, especially while on vacation … right? Wrong. The longer you go without brushing, the more opportunity bacteria (from food particles and other germs) have to get to work on destroying enamel and accelerating decay. If you absolutely have to go without brushing for a night, be sure to (at minimum) swish with mouthwash or use your finger and some toothpaste to remove bacteria. There is no alternative for a tooth brush, and rinsing and other methods simply do not effecitvely replace a brushing and flossing routine.

Flossing is often (if not completely) neglected, especially during summer chaos. Flossing is essential in preventing gum disease and reducing probability of tooth decay.


Your running around town trying to make summer plans and forget sunscreen. You make your fifth trip to the drugstore and stare blankly at the wall of suncare products.

Which poses the question: how do we know which sunscreen is the best for our skin types? Should it be water-resistant? UVA or UVB?

WebMD clears up the confusion with some distinction between key ingredients and optimal spectrum coverage. 

Nu Skin’s ageLOC

What better way to refresh sunburnt, dry and weathered skin on the face than an at-home, spa-quality facial treatment?

Nu Skin’s ageLOC Galvanic Spa anti-aging facial device uses treatment delivery system iontophoresis to effectively open pores and banish excess oils and dirt, ultimately tightening and lifting the skin. The system is available at Atlanta Dental Spa’s Buckhead location. 


Summer lends itself to quick fixes, a.k.a. fast food and convenience snacks. Indulgence is a balanced-life necessity, but allowing too many “weekend” meals to slip into our regular diets can lead to health issues. Try working some simple, wholesome recipes into your summer cuisine – dishes created, tasted and enjoyed by real people. A few of our favorites this summer:

Eat, Live, Run

Oh She Glows

Peanut Butter Fingers 

Watermelon Feta Arugula Salad

Whether picking up a new roll of floss on your next shopping trip, using the right type of sunscreen or trimming the fat at your next barbecue, get on your way to your healthiest glow an effective balance between living for the summer and living well.