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Complete Health Winter

Fitness and a healthy balance of lean protein, fruit, vegetables and fats are essential to maintaining wellness. Why does Atlanta Dental Spa care about wellness, you ask?

Atlanta Dental Spa offers a comprehensive range of services including cosmetic, surgical and complete health dentistry. Focused on total health, the team at Atlanta Dental Spa takes the extra steps to assess risk for inflammation and gum disease, which can lead to systemic inflammation (one of the root causes of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, poor pregnancy outcomes, infertility, and inflammatory & autoimmune diseases).


By improving oral health, the Atlanta Dental Spa team can reduce systemic inflammation and reduce overall risk for systemic disease. The team has spent years researching complete health dental practices and methods for improving the lives of its patients. Atlanta Dental Spa’s dedication to complete health transcends the dental chair. Read on for some holiday wellness inspiration.

We all need a little respite from the daily grind at the end of the year. Despite the well-deserved indulgence associated with winter months and holidays, these months are the worst to fall off the fit wagon. It’s a simple thing to do: shorter days, chilly nights, warm fireplaces and endless supplies of delicious treats are all distractions from a balanced fitness routine.

Yes, opting to sleep for those extra 30 blissful minutes in the morning rather than hitting the gym may be easy while it’s 30 degrees outside. Yes, saying no to crushed candy cane white chocolate truffles may seem ridiculous amongst fellow party goers. And yes, skipping a workout after sitting in an extra hour of evening traffic may seem like the only logical option in December. Luckily, our fit and healthy friends around the web have some handy tools, tips and tricks to evade your impending fitness doom this winter. Check out these links to conquer the winter blues and kick your routine into high gear (yes, even before Christmas):