Monthly Archives: May 2014

Wait, What is a Dental Spa?

We know that the words “dentist” and “spa” don’t generally appear in the same sentence. We also know that almost no person likes visiting a dental office. We also know that beige walls, neon lighting, and incessant drill sounds do not a pleasant visit make. Hence the birth of our practice. We set out to change the way people percieve a dental visit. We set aside the fact that we work in an industry most people begrudgingly tolerate and decided it was time to change it.

Atlanta Dental Spa provides cosmetic, general, and complete health dentistry services in a serene, relaxing environment. We employ cutting-edge research and technology in every procedure, service, and treatment we provide. We figure, if patients are getting the highest quality treatment available, they might as well be comfortable receiving it.

Along with the nature of our unique spin on traditional dentistry comes the perpetual question, “Do you massage teeth there?”

While hilarious, the answer is obviously… kind of. The only part of the smile with nerve endings are the roots of the teeth–let’s be honest here. We do, however, perform a treatment for periodontal disease that requires a massage-like technique of antibiotic ointment application to the gums. So if you have periodontal disease, get excited for a gum massage.

Otherwise, we love the massage digs. We’ll never turn a blind eye to a good joke!