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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns are important after your Root Canal

If you’ve had a root canal, your dentist has likely recommended a porcelain crown. This is something that’s typically not covered 100% by your dental insurance and it can be pricey so you might be wondering,

“Do I really need a porcelain crown?”

Maybe you’re getting ready for root canal treatment and are trying to determine dental costs. And you probably wonder if the extra expense and extra appointments involved with porcelain crowns are worthwhile.  In summary, yes, a porcelain crown is worthwhile.

A root canal is an alternative to a tooth extraction that typically requires two or three appointments and involves removal of the deal pulp inside the tooth. Sealing then occurs. Because the balance of the tooth tends to be a very thin shell, you are at increased risk of tooth fracturing or breakage. A porcelain crown is a cap that fits on top of your tooth and is a protective shell. It looks natural and can blend well to match your natural teeth. It also does not aggravate your gums like metal crowns do.

The sooner you have a porcelain crown put in, the better the longevity of you tooth. If cost is a concern, Atlanta Dental Spa offers dental financing. You can split payments over several months or longer, easing the financial burden without sacrificing your teeth.

What if I don’t get a crown?

If you opt not to have a crown put on and there are problems with your tooth, talk to your dentist about repairs. If a fracture occurs, dental bonding could be a good solution. Some people who have extensive damage from broken teeth consider veneers or dental implants.

Caring for porcelain crowns:

Take care of your porcelain crown the same way you would your natural teeth. If you have any issues or problems, speak to your dentist. Have regular check-ups and dental cleanings to maximize the life of your crown.

If you want to review your options for root canals or porcelain crowns, contact the Atlanta Dental Spa. We’d be happy to discuss treatment options with you.