What causes a gummy smile?

how do you fix a gummy smile?

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If you have a gummy smile and you’re wondering why, there are a few reasons:

Number one

You may just have excess gums and it may just be a simple procedure where we can contour the gums and raise them to a more desirable level.

Number two

You may have a lot of bone covering your teeth as well as gums. We do a procedure called aesthetic crown lengthening where we raise the bone level as well as the gum level to give you the aesthetic result you’re looking for.

Number three

It may be as simple as you’re just showing a lot of your top jaw. One of the things we can do is place Botox in the smile muscles and that will prevent the lip from raising too high – this will also give us the aesthetic look we’re going for.


to treat a
gummy smile

twice as many women as men
experience a gummy smile

3 muscles primarily responsible for your gummy smile: 1- Levator Labii, 2- Levator Labii Superioris, 3- Zygomaticus Minor

treating a
gummy smile:

two small injections are made at the intersection of the three above facial muscles, a point known as the

Yonsei Point.

more than
of gum exposure = "gummy smile"
injections on either side of the nose
number of months Botox treatments last

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