KöR Whitening
Bleaching system that reaches the innermost core of the tooth

KöR Whitening

Hi, guys. I’m going to talk to you about KöR whitening. KöR whitening is really good for people who have tetracycline stains, or just deep stains in their teeth.

It’s the most advanced level of whitening that we offer here at Atlanta Dental Spa.

What you’ll do is you’ll come in and we will take impressions of your teeth and send those off to the lab. They will send back trays that we’ll put the whitening gel in. After you whiten for about 2 weeks, then you’ll come back in and we will do an in-office whitening procedure. It’s a combination of trays and in-office whitening.

? What is KöR Whitening?

KöR Whitening is a deep bleaching system that reaches the innermost core of the tooth, working from the inside out and producing the most pristine shade of white for your tooth composition.

? The KöR Process at Atlanta Dental Spa

In order to produce the highest quality whitening, Atlanta Dental Spa takes careful molds of the teeth and produces KöR Whitening effortlessly-fitting trays for optimal comfort and results. Candidates for the KöR Whitening system then sleep in the trays provided for two weeks, followed by a follow-up visit to Atlanta Dental Spa for a final procedure.

? KöR Quick Facts

  • KöR uses perfectly-formed trays custom fitted to your teeth for maximum precision.
  • The KöR process at Atlanta Dental Spa combines at-home and in-office methods for a one-two-punch whitening result.
  • Extensively researched and carefully developed formulas make KöR the lowest-sensitivity whitening on the market today – virtually painless whitening.
  • Tetracycline stains – once nearly impossible to whiten – disappear with the KöR Whitening system.
  • KöR restores the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen, creating and maintaining a white smile up to 16 shades lighter.