Lipstick can make teeth look whiter?!?!

What lipstick tones make your smile look the whitest?

Sometimes you just can’t make it to the dentist to do a whitening procedure and simply don’t have time to use your at-home trays. If this is the case, why not make your teeth appear whiter with a quick application of lipstick. There are 5 shades of lipstick that can make your teeth appear up to 2 shades whiter! Just make sure you pick a shade with blue undertones as orange undertones can bring out an unwanted yellow appearance.


Top 5 Shades of Lipstick to Make Teeth Appear Whiter and Brighter
1. Pale Pink – bright, shimmery pale pinks can bring out the natural whiteness in your smile.
2. Sheer Pink – glossy, pinks with a berry tint can enhance the brightness of your teeth.
3. Light Pink – matte rose shades with blue undertones will really make your smile pop.
4. Bright Pink – bubble gum or fuchsia color with an electric blue base will make your smile look dramatically whiter.
5. Bright Red – bold, opaque reds can make your teeth look up to 2 shades whiter.