Loyal Team/Low Turnover
We already know you…and your likes and dislikes.

Low Turnover, Loyal Team

Our team is loyal. We love working for Atlanta Dental Spa. We work hard, and we feel like it’s a privilege to work here. We don’t want to work anywhere else. And, this isn’t by chance. We intentionally built Atlanta Dental Spa as a place that would attract the leading professionals in dentistry along with the highest performing support team. Our team works together to serve each other just as they serve our patient family. Our team is filled with individuals who desire constant self-improvement. If you ask our team they will tell you, “We want to be the very best dental practice in the world. We all want to be the best in our field. We want to serve each other to make our team stronger. And, last-not least, we want to serve our patients with such unprecedented hospitality that our patients want to send their friends and family to Atlanta Dental Spa to receive the same excellent treatment and care.

If you ask Dr. Boulden he will tell you, “One of the things that makes us most proud is our loyal team. We have employees who leave to raise kids, or move away…and when they’re ready to work again or they move back, they want to come back to Atlanta Dental Spa to work. They tell us they wouldn’t consider working anywhere else after their experience at Atlanta Dental Spa. We’re privileged to have such a loyal team, and we all work very hard for one another.