Advanced Porcelain Systems (NEW) at Atlanta Dental Spa

Translucent, Natural Looking Veneers at Atlanta Dental Spa

During many consultations, many people are very concerned with not getting “chichlets”. The chichlet look comes from “old school” dentistry where typically very opaque and monochromatic porcelain was used OR it was a PFM crown (Porcelain Fused to Metal). In a PFM crown, there is actually metal underneath the crown and the lab will paint an chalk white opaquer on the metal (to block out the metal) and then bake the porcelain on. At ADS, we think PFM crowns are “old school”, and there is just NO need to use metal anymore in dentistry, especially in the esthetic zone of the mouth.

So what is this NEW porcelain system

Without getting in to all the scientific & technical details, here’s the scoop:

  • Stronger porcelain
  • More translucency (like natural enamel)
  • Can be made SUPER thin like 0.3mm!
  • Replicates nature AMAZINGLY

Here are some pictures of the Emax Opal 1 and Opal 2 ingots. As a matter of fact, Dr. Boulden actually has the Opal ingot in his own mouth for his veneers. Look at these veneers on a black background and you can see just how awesome they are

Opal 1 on the left. Opal 2 on the right

No Prep Veneers. Emax ingot