Our Spa
Amenities at Atlanta Dental Spa

Strategically placed 27″ satellite television screens

Combine the satellite TV screens with the noise canceling effect of the Bose ® Noise Canceling Headphones and it yields an environment free from dental sounds and distractions thereby allowing the patient to drift into a reposing, serene rest.

Ergonomic Dental Chairs

Our comfortable chairs feature an anatomically formed backrest and seat cushion that cradle our guests by reducing pressure points and providing exceptional support for longer procedures.

Internet Cafe & Coffee Bar

We offer three computer terminals equipped with High Speed Internet access for our on-the-go, busy guests. Additionally, we provide fresh coffee and refreshments along with an assortment of gourmet delectables in case you are skipping lunch or need a mid morning or mid afternoon pick-me-up!

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

These exceptionally comfortable headphones offer full-spectrum noise reduction along with renowned Bose audio reproduction. We use these at Atlanta Dental Spa to mask the background of any dental sounds so your experience is peaceful and relaxing.

20″ LCD for viewing X-Rays

Large, chairside LCD monitors are utilized to show dental images (x-rays or photos) as well as satellite TV.

Serene Spa Environment

Our offices were constructed with our patients’ comfort in mind and to replicate the serene respite of an upscale spa. You will see and hear relaxing waterfalls, pass by our etched glass wall of art, and smell the unique and cleansing aromas one only finds when getting pampered. Think waterfalls, burning candles, bamboo and orchids. Close your eyes and just breathe. This is a place to relax, as well.