Prettau Bridge | Zirkonzahn | All on 4 implants
The Prettau Bridge is a premium solution to traditional dentures

What is a Prettau Bridge? All on 4 Bridge? Implant Supported Zirconia Bridge?

Every denture patient knows the history of dentures in that they’re always considered to be awkward. They’re uncomfortable. They move. You can’t bite very hard. They’re debatable on aesthetics. Some dentures look great. But everybody who’s worn some generally knows they’re not always that perfect, and you have to take them in and out at night, which no one likes.

So let me show you what the future of dentures is, and that’s getting rid of them. Right here, this is what’s called a Prettau bridge. This is one solid piece of zirconium, which is a beautiful material, but it’s also incredibly strong. So where dentures can break, chip; where porcelain can break and chip; this stuff cannot.
The Prettau Bridge and CT Scan Technology

Prettau Implant Bridge | Strength | Beauty
It is super hard, but super aesthetically beautiful. It’s affixed to implants in your jaw, which allows us to remove the bulkiness of the denture, all that big plastic that you’re so tired of having block the roof of your mouth, protect your taste buds, to keep you from understanding the flavor of things.

It allows you to transmit the forces of you biting into your bone, like your teeth used to, so you actually get that chewing ability that you used to have that you’ve been missing ever since you’ve been in a denture. So this is the premium alternative to replacing what we’ve had for so long in dentistry and struggled with for so long. We can now not only give you what you’ve been missing, but actually upgrade the beauty of it as well. At Atlanta Dental Spa it is our objective to preserve your natural teeth if at all possible. Sometimes, though, we must resort to dentures. Usually it’s in the instance of: 1) Having a pre-existing denture that you want replaced with cosmetic dentures or high-end porcelain or acrylic teeth (to the Atlanta Dental Spa standard). 2) There is the presence of such massive decay and advanced periodontal disease present. The most predictable and effective option might be a beautiful denture.