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Turning to celebrities for style, fitness, and beauty inspiration, or even a case of lifestyle envy is a move that we all are guilty of committing. You do it, your children do it, your father does it, your grandmother does it, and your future great-great-great-grandchildren will do it, albeit by then it’ll be in the form of holograms instead of magazines or the internet! It’s no secret either that celebrities work with the best in the business when it comes to their appearance, and their smile is usually no exception. With that said, of course some celebrities are truly born with it (or maybe it’s Maybelline).

For the celebs who were blessed with the pearliest of whites, the biggest of mega-watt smiles, and the brightest of grins to light up the big screen, we are showcasing the photogenic winners in our Best Smile Superlative, ten times over.

1 Miranda Kerr

Top 10 Celebrity Smiles Miranda KerrThis Aussie model has been smiling for the camera and walking the runways for as long as we can remember. And thank goodness for that! Miranda’s radiant smile and angelic beauty makes it no surprise that she is one of Victoria’s Secret’s leading Angels in all of their holiday campaigns and fashion shows year after year. You do you, Miranda!

2 Jessica Biel

Top 10 Celebrity Smiles Jessica BielFrom child stardom, to a leading actress, to the mother of Justin Timberlake’s beautiful baby boy, Jessica Biel has been on the cover of magazines, billboards, and TV screens for well over a decade. This brunette beauty brings a natural glow to every setting she steps in, and she may have the most perfect lips and teeth known to mankind. It’s unfair, really.

3 Michael B. Jordan

Top 10 Celebrity Smiles Michael B JordanThis young star has been moving up the ranks faster than you can even blink, it seems. We hear it’s more related to his incredible acting chops rather than his fantastic grin, but that smile certainly doesn’t hurt his case!

4 Rachel McAdams

Top 10 Celebrity Smiles Rachel McAdamsThis Hollywood starlet’s hair may change with every film she is in, but one thing remains constant and that is her big, contagious smile. She is one of those celebrities whose smirk on the big screen makes you light up regardless of what movie theater seat you are stuck in, because even if you are on time there’s still a line for popcorn and candy, am I right? Oh and her dimples?! Can you even? Because we cannot.

5 Dwayne Johnson

Top 10 Celebrity Smiles Dwayne Johnson The RockFormerly known as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson has landed himself some serious acting roles in the last few years, which is great news for all of us. The more movies and shows he stars in, the more chances we have to see his pearly whites. Win, win!

6 Bar Rafaeli

It goes without saying that this supermodel is the crème de la crème of her trade. Stunningly beautiful on the inside and the out, and her smile is in large part responsible. White, bright, and gleaming, Bar’s grin is undeniably one of our Top Ten smiles of all time.

7 Jon Hamm

jon-hammSome may know him as Don Draper, others as Jon Hamm. Regardless of his surname, his good looks are what stands out. If Jon had an account on any of the dating apps in this world, “Tall, dark, handsome, and grinning” would be his bio.

8 Kristen Bell

kristen_bellActress, Comedienne, Lover of Sloths; Kristen Bell is not only a fan favorite when it comes to her work and her personality, but she also has one of the most infectious smiles in the business. I challenge you to find a single blemish within her smile, seriously, you can even zoom in 400%. Spoiler Alert: It’s impossible.

9 Eva Mendes

Three Words: Drop Dead Gorgeous. Eva truly has it all when it comes to the beauty department, and did we mention she’s married to Ryan Gosling? So, of course it’s no surprise that her smile is out of this world. Rumor has it she’s really nice too. She must have been a saint in a former life.

10 Zac Efron

This Hollywood heart throb has made his way onto many hottest actors’ lists, and ours is no exception. Zac’s piercing blue eyes may be the attention grabber for some, but his smile is what brought him into our Top Ten. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicholas Sparks ends up locking him down for all of his books-turned-feature films from here on out.