Unprecedented Hospitality

Along with excellence in dentistry, we aim to deliver unprecedented hospitality to every patient at every visit

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Dr. Susan Estep: One great thing about what we’ve created in our offices is when you open the doors to our offices, you have a little sigh of relief, because it doesn’t look like a dental office. It looks like a nice place that you want to be. You see an internet cafe. You see just nice aesthetic things, aroma therapy smells instead of yucky dental smells. And so if they do step in the door, they first notice that there’s a difference. There’s a smiling face to greet them. They get a tour of our practice. And on the tour, they’re going to see things like TVs in the ceilings, noise- canceling headphones that they get to wear. Tempurpedic chairs that they get to sit in. And they’re not seeing or hearing a bunch of real dental, clinical things. So then in a very non-clinical environment, we’ll just sit down and talk. Say, ‘Hey, tell me about you.’

Amanda: You’re truly in an environment with the best of the best. Everybody is extremely passionate about the reason that we’re here, and providing the absolute best care for our patients. And when we, as employees, are in an environment where everyone’s working towards that exact same goal, the sky’s the limit with ability to help and save somebody’s teeth. Change somebody’s mouth, and therefore change somebody’s life. Smiles are one of the first things people notice about you. And our goal here is to give everybody a reason to smile.

It’s in our Atlanta Dental Spa mission statement. Along with excellence in dentistry, we aim to deliver unprecedented hospitality to every patient at every visit.  We realize it’s simply not enough to deliver unsurpassed care. We recognize that Amazing Dentistry + Amazing Customer Experience = Raving fans. In recent times, it seems that hospitality has disappeared from most consumer experiences.  Not at Atlanta Dental Spa. Just as our team appreciates excellent customer service, we also enjoy serving our patients. We get a kick out of surprising them with excellent service. At Atlanta Dental Spa, we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to hospitality. In doing so, we know our patients will recommend our services to others, our patient family will grow, and we will have even more opportunities to deliver Atlanta Dental Spa hospitality.

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