Wisdom Tooth Removal in Atlanta

Post Operative Instructions

Great improvements at Atlanta Dental Spa now allow wisdom tooth extraction to be gentle, comfortable and easy for the patient. When you hear you have to have your wisdom teeth taken out, it doesn’t sound like good news.
Now in Atlanta, however, if you need your wisdom teeth removed you’re in luck. Atlanta Dental Spa offers wisdom teeth removal for patients of all ages. Better yet — when you have your wisdom teeth removed at Atlanta Dental Spa, you will be treated by an expert who understands the leading-edge technology that makes the procedure comfortable and easy for you.

Wisdom Tooth Removal:  Atlanta Dental Spa’s Philosophy

Did you find out you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? You are probably wondering why – if everyone grows these teeth – do almost all of us have to have them removed? The main reason wisdom teeth have to be removed has to do with a lack of space for these teeth. By the time wisdom teeth grow in, most adults already have a full complement of teeth, and there is just not much room left in the dental arch to allow for 4 more large teeth to grow into a healthy position and alignment. The wisdom teeth begin to erupt and are blocked by the back molars or the jaw or both. When the erupting wisdom teeth encounter these blocks or barriers, the wisdom teeth get trapped in an awkward position (sometimes called impacted). They put pressure on the tooth/jaw barriers – causing damage to these otherwise healthy structures. Their awkward position results in areas that you can not reach with tooth brush, floss or water pik. These unreachable areas become safe havens for toxic bacteria to breed. These colonies of bad bacteria turn into a chronic infection causing tooth decay and periodontal disease (gum disease). We now know that this chronic infection puts you at high risk for systemic disease (like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and more). If there is not enough room in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to be completely healthy, then they should be removed. Atlanta Dental Spa has a team of experienced, talented, knowledgeable dentists (Atlanta’s Dental Dream Team) who know how to evaluate wisdom teeth and whether or not they should be removed. Many patients wonder why wisdom teeth should be removed if they don’t hurt/cause pain. The explanation is one that is quite universal in dentistry. Typically, by the time an unhealthy tooth or unhealthy gums cause pain or sensitivity, there already exists severe and irreversible damage. Unfortunately a small cavity or gingivitis (or unhealthy wisdom teeth) will go completely unnoticed until the infection has spread to great length. In the case of wisdom teeth, the infection spreads to other teeth and gum areas adjacent to the wisdom teeth. In this case, waiting causes cavities in other teeth along with periodontal disease — problems that would not exist if the wisdom teeth would have been removed earlier. Because of this risk, Atlanta Dental Spa recommends removal of wisdom teeth before they cause damage to the rest of your mouth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal: Atlanta Dental Spa’s Gentle Touch

Atlanta Dental Spa offers a pill that puts you in a relaxed sedated state. This pill keeps you relaxed throughout the procedure, so that you feel as though you slept through the whole thing. It’s completely safe, and it helps to ensure that you have a positive experience throughout the procedure and afterwards. Atlanta Dental Spa's doctors have a gentle touch combined with a wealth of knowledge resulting in a simple procedure that allows you an easy recovery. The entire procedure takes less than an hour, and by the time you wake up from your sedation — you’ll be back home, and won’t even remember you had it done.