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all-on-x benefits

Same Day Smile

On surgery day you will leave with a 3-D digitally designed & esthetically optimized provisional hybrid bridge. Same day!

Revolutionary Tech

Our process focuses on exceptional talent of our dental surgeons combined with TRUE 21st century digital technology.

Customized for YOU

We apply our ideal design principles to hybrid bridges, with customized aesthetics based on YOUR wants and needs.

Long Lasting

We use the strongest, most beautiful materials on the market and we don’t cut corners. Your gorgeous new smile will last for YEARS!

All on X

We place 6 implants on each arch of your mouth. Many places only place 4 implants (to cut costs). More implants equals more long term stability.

Known & Trusted

We have provided the BEST dentistry for 15 years. We’re a family business (not a faceless corporation) & pride ourselves on our patient relationships.


all on 4 is none on 3

All on 4 is heavily advertised as an ideal solution mainly because it’s cheaper to provide only 4 implants.  Unfortunately, if one of the 4 implants fails, that bridge is rendered useless.  That means that after going through the investment and the process of having implants placed and a non-removable implant bridge made, a patient would have to be down-graded to a removable denture because 3 implants can’t support the original design.  

We utilize “All on X” which means typically 6 or more. Our goal is to have the most predictable, long-term success as possible, so we prefer to over-engineer rather than do the bare minimum. In a scenario where an implant has problems, a prosthesis supported by more than four implants can still be maintained and supported predictably and the patient does not have to wear a removable denture.

Highest Quality End Prosthesis

Traditionally, “All-on-4” hybrid dentures were made of standard denture materials -- acrylic teeth and gums. These are much softer than natural teeth, so the teeth will predictably wear down over time. Luckily for all of us, dental materials continue to improve, and there are far stronger, more lifelike options now. At Atlanta Dental Spa, we pride ourselves on striving to provide the best, not the easiest or the cheapest. We want our patients to be thrilled with their results, and we want those beautiful results to be able to hold up for a very long time.

3-D Surgical Design

Merging the latest CAD / CAM Implant Design & Planning software AND our detailed 3-D images of your bone from our Cone Beam CT - we are able to precisely plan your surgery down to the millimeter. From this, 3-D Surgical guides are printed to ensure the implants goes EXACTLY where we intended to go. This increases safety, minimizes post operative pain, and increases long term stability overall.

We are the Cosmetic Dental Experts

We are known in Atlanta for expert cosmetic dentistry. Having a team of doctors that are experts in Smile Design allows us to create some of the most beautiful Implant Supported Hybrid Bridges in the world. Not only are the finals hand crafted by a master ceramist and artist, but they are customized (just like veneer case would be) to fit YOUR facial features. This is not a situation where “one size fits all.”

Highest Quality Implants vs Bargain

Not all implants are created equally. We make sure to use the best products available that are backed by years of research and provide excellent warranties and guarantees. We utilize the most cutting-edge designs and materials with the finest ceramics, titanium, and zirconia available. This allows us to provide beautiful esthetics without the common bulky, weaker, problematic designs that so many other offices seem comfortable providing.

ADS All-On-X

How It Works

Step 1:


The first step at Atlanta Dental Spa for a Hybrid Bridge is a free consultation where you meet our surgeons & team, and a 3-D x-ray will be reviewed so we can explain the options available to you.

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We will discuss things like the clinical process, time expectations, financial options, and more.  We value this appointment as a chance for you to get to know our team and why our process is superior to others!

Step 2:

Planning & Design

Each patient has their own unique scenario, so we are dedicated to spending the time and effort with our entire collaborative team (the surgeon, the restoring doctor, and the dental lab) to make sure we are designing a plan that is best for that specific patient. Sadly, many offices default to the same plan for almost everyone, but at Atlanta Dental Spa that’s the opposite of our process. We make sure to evaluate all options, and our default is to plan as many implants as possible to set the patient up for thesafest, strongest, longest-lasting design available.

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The number of implants supporting a hybrid bridge often translates directly to how many teeth we are able to replace. In the All-on-4 implants approach used by many, the hybrid bridge is actually only replacing 60-70% of missing teeth. By adding more implants, we’re able to support more teeth, and our goal is always to try to recreate and replace as many missing teeth as possible.

We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge, digital planning in all of our hybrid bridge (and other implant) patients. We are able to digitally design and plan the ideal location of the teeth to give the patient a beautiful, lifelike smile which in turn allows us to perfectly plan where the implants should be placed so they can support that ideal smile. All surgeries are done virtually first, before ever touching the patient. This allows us to foresee complications and challenges before they ever happen so we can plan an approach to avoid and minimize any difficulties.

Many of our surgeries are completed using a fully guided system that makes sure the actual surgery proceeds exactly like the virtual plan. This approach increases safety and predictability. We work with the best labs in the business to have prosthetics created in advance that integrate into our surgical guide system which allows for the most predictable esthetic outcomes.

Beautiful, strong, long-lasting feats of architecture start with a thorough, detailed blueprint. Our planning is a digital blueprint for your ideal smile, so we’re always working with our exact end-goal in mind in a methodical and detailed way to make sure that your final result is a sturdy, gorgeous set of teeth to keep you smiling for years to come.

Step 3:

Implant Placement & Immediate Smile

We want your implant surgery to be as easy, and forgettable as possible -- who wants to remember surgery??? With that in mind, we complete all of our hybrid bridge surgeries under sedation; we even frequently bring in a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist to sedate our patients. Having an anesthesiologist present allows the surgeon to focus on just the surgery, and having a board-certified M.D. in charge of sedation means our patients are in the safest, most capable hands possible.

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Hyrbid bridge surgery is typically completed in a “Teeth-in-a-Day” approach. This means that the patient walks into our office with whatever natural teeth they had when we met, and they walk out with temporary teeth attached to the implants that we place that same day. We know no one wants to be without teeth, so all of our pre-planning and surgery is designed to allow us to send the patient home with teeth in place. We want you leaving our office with a smile you’re excited about, regardless of what your teeth looked like when you arrived!

Step 4:

Final Restoration Placed

Over the years, we’ve made our hybrid bridges out of just about every available material which means we’ve seen the pros and cons of them all. Many offices are still using the traditional approach of acrylic (plastic) denture teeth and gums glued to a metal bar as their final restoration, but denture teeth are guaranteed to slowly wear down over time. It’s very common to see fractures occur, because acrylic and a metal bar can’t truly bond together, and the acrylic has flexibility that eventually allows for breaks and cracks to occur. Once a fracture has happened - regardless of if a tooth came off or the entire prosthesis breaks - that area will be prone to fracturing again over time, even after a repair. To add insult to injury, to repair those, the dentist typically has to ship the teeth to the lab for a week, which means the patient is left without their teeth. We can’t have that!

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Our newer materials don’t use any acrylic -- our typical design uses a titanium substructure which is very strong. Because it’s so strong, we don’t need to use the bulky, cumbersome designs that come with acrylic. The smaller, thinner size immediately becomes a patient’s preference; we need beauty, not bulk! The metal framework is also created in a way that perfectly supports each tooth for maximum stability and strength, and it simulates the shapes of natural teeth beneath the crowns. Zirconia (extremely hard, porcelain-like) crowns are then added to the framework along with highly detailed gums. Again, because we do not use acrylic, even the gums are hand sculpted and characterized to match your natural shade and texture -- we can even simulate muscle attachments, the textured roof of the mouth, root forms beneath gums, and other minute details that always occur in nature and rarely occur in prosthetics.

One alternative to acrylic is a solid piece of zirconia that makes up the entire prosthesis. These designs can be good solutions for certain patients, but they also have some drawbacks and are therefore reserved for specific indications and are not our standard choice. Our preferred design, unlike restorations milled out of one single piece of zirconia, is to have our teeth be individually hand-crafted to add as much lifelike characterization as possible. Each crown is a piece of art that is shaded and stained to look as natural in that specific patient’s mouth as possible. Using individual crowns instead of one big, solid row of teeth also allows for the teeth to be far more translucent. Translucency in teeth is the main factor that makes our eyes notice when a tooth doesn’t match its neighbors. An opaque, dull crown jumps out to the observer’s eye, as natural teeth allow lots of light to pass through them. Our individual crowns are able to recreate much of nature’s design, and the final product is incredibly lifelike. We want you to be noticed because of how stunningly gorgeous your teeth look, not because someone can tell that you had dentistry done.

A final attribute that we rarely use but always appreciate is that, unlike acrylic or full-contour zirconia prostheses, or design allows for repairs and modifications to take place while still in the patient’s mouth or without having to send it back to the dental lab to be worked on. This gives everyone (the patient and the doctor) the peace of mind to know that in case of any needed update, there’s a faster, easier, less invasive, less embarrassing, more convenient solution quickly available to you.

Step 5:

Smile Restored!

Congratulations! You’ve made it to your final smile! These are truly joyous days that make us jump out of bed and want to run to work. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a patient receive their completed hybrid denture. That first look in the mirror when a patient sees their true self looking back for the first time in ages is magical. When they check their bite and realize how comfortable, strong, even, and balanced everything feels is a great moment, and it comes with full permission to leave our office and go back to eating absolutely anything they want.

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We are so confident in our materials and designs that there are no dietary restrictions at all.  In fact, we encourage you to get back to living your life the way you want to (and the way you should!) -- enjoying any food you desire, smiling with confidence, and going through your day without any fear, discomfort, or concern about your teeth. Hyrbid dentures don’t just replace teeth; they truly restore personalities, quality of life, and happiness!

If you’re curious if a hybrid denture is right for you, or you know it’s something you’re ready for, please come have a consult with us so we can show you first hand how we can give you something to smile about.

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