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Atlanta Dental Spa Offers A Wide Range of Services Without Having To Travel To Different Offices

Under One Roof - Our Multi-Discipinary Practice
Complex Needs | Under one Roof

Many patient's needs are more complex than a simple filling or a crown. At Atlanta Dental Spa, our dentists have focuses on many different aspects of dentistry. This allows us to comprehensively take care of all our patient's needs. We cover it all, from implants, to root canals, to taking care of your periodontal needs, we've got experts who can take care of you. We have restorative dentists who can restore your teeth to their proper function and fit. We have cosmetic dentists who have the ability to transform your smile into a beautiful smile that you've always dreamed of. We also have surgical dentists who are experts in the field of more complex cases. By having all these experts in one place, we allow for communication on different aspects of your smile, to give you the best result and the best service. It's also extremely convenient for you!
All Services in One Location

One of the cool things about Atlanta Dental Spa is that we provide very comprehensive treatment within one office. We do a lot of cosmetic dentistry; we’re well known for that. We also do a lot of general dentistry.
You can visit us for your regular teeth cleanings, you can undergo IV or oral sedation, you can get a root canal or have oral surgery. We cover your comprehensive treatment because we have highly-skilled doctors who do different disciplines of dentistry, under one roof. People really appreciate not having to be referred out somewhere or go somewhere else. We can handle it all through our team of doctors. Atlanta Dental Spa offers most all dental services under one roof. Dentistry is a broad field of practice. By bringing in Doctors who excel in certain arenas of dentistry and putting them in ONE dental location we have eliminated the need to send you to a separate office for procedures (in most cases). We realize that once you get comfortable in your dental home that you don’t want to drive across town to another specialist’s office. From Veneers to Dentures to Complex Oral Surgeries, we offer it all at Atlanta Dental Spa!