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by Jerry Petrotto on Atlanta Dental Spa

When I was a boy, over 40 years ago, I had a dentist who could have auditioned and won the international dental award for painful dentistry. The experiences I had as a youth shaped my fear for the dentist for the rest of my life. As a result, I allowed my dental health to deteriorate until I could just no longer endure the pain. Fortunately, my wife found the Atlanta Dental Spa and Dr. Currie, Dr. Creaseman and Jo Beth. If you have real fears of going to the dentist (and believe me those are real fears indeed) you will not find a more compassionate, respectful and caring dental practice than this one. Both doctors and Jo Beth created a plan for me to get back on the road to dental health and my experience during the treatments was beyond my expectations and PAIN FREE. Dr. Currie, Dr. Creaseman and Jo Beth are probably some of the most amazing, caring, talented and compassionate professionals I have ever received dental treatment from. Their entire staff is amazing so just know that this practice is top shelf and I wish I met them 40 years ago. Put your fears to rest, and just visit Atlanta Dental Spa. You will be glad you did!

by Linda I. on Atlanta Dental Spa

Atlanta Dental Spa is the very best. Making the visit to the dentist a complete joy!

by Michael P. on Atlanta Dental Spa

Love my experience here! Had my wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Currie, such an awesome experience! And JoBeth is super nice! After I moved here from California, I was worried about having to find a new dentist but this place was a God-send. You won't be disappointed here!

by Wayne T. on Atlanta Dental Spa

This was my first time to Atlanta Dental Spa. From the initial walk-in I was impressed at how friendly the receptionist was. Everyone from start to finish was professional courteous on time and answered my questions thoroughly. I am excited that I am a new patient here.

by Mary Babb V. on Atlanta Dental Spa

I deliberately waited to review this place until after my second visit and I have to say, this has been the best dentist office I've visited in my whole life. Past experiences have given me a fair amount of anxiety when it comes to dentist appointments and while other places have been pretty good at listening to my concerns, the people at Atlanta Dental Spa go above and beyond to make sure I'm comfortable throughout the whole visit.

On my very first appointment they conducted an interview to find out how I feel about going to the dentist, what my concerns are, whether I have any questions, and what my overall goals are for my smile/teeth. They addressed all my concerns and made sure to remember what we discussed during the follow visit.

They also offer cool features that really make it feel like you're visiting a spa as well as going to the dentist. They give you the option of doing a hand soak, give you sunglasses, a warm neck pillow, etc so that you actually end up really enjoying your appointment.

I'm very glad to have finally found a place I feel comfortable going to and look forward to continuing to be a patient here.

by Lauren B. on Atlanta Dental Spa

Found them via a quick Google search and so happy I did. I don't know if I've ever had such a posting earlier experience at a doctors office.
Booking an appointment was so easy - they email responses come so fast and are very convenient. When you walk in you truly think you're in a spa. Nice, modern furniture in the waiting area. With a connected media room with computers, coffee bar and snacks. The staff is super friendly. Extremely high tech in all of the X-rays and processes and makes getting your teeth cleaned and X-rayed a breeze. They have two tvs in your room so you always have something to watch if you want.
They also have a paraffin hand wax for the duration of your appointment- my hands are so soft! They provide warm neck towels and blankets.

This truly is an incredible experience. It doesn't feel like going to the doctor at all. The staff is friendly and welcoming and knowledgeable. I will definitely be referring anyone and everyone to come here.

by E. B. on Atlanta Dental Spa

Rarely do you find care providers with a high level of integrity, but Atlanta Dental Spa embodies this trait.

The outcome of my appointment was not MY intended result, but instead the recommendation of options by professionals who have your best interest at heart and not out just to collect a fee. I really wished I had the professional staff information I interacted with handy, but all of them were great. I want to thank the dentist again for his honest evaluation based on his knowledge and experience. If I would have went to them this time last year, I could have saved time, money, and my ortho treatment. Keep up the great work!

by Angela L. on Atlanta Dental Spa

I've never felt so comfortable sitting in a dentist chair! The staff (especially my dental hygienist, Danielle) was friendly and very knowledgeable, their office was clean and had all the latest and greatest technology. I was so relaxed while there, it's no wonder they call it the dental SPA. Can't get over how amazing my experience was. I highly recommend them!

by Ash L. on Atlanta Dental Spa

Veronica is so helpful with making appointments and allowing a flexible schedule. All of the hygienists are very knowledgeable and thorough. I have been coming here for 7 years and truly enjoy coming to the dentists again!

by Mary S. on Atlanta Dental Spa

It is the best dental experience I've ever had. It really is like a spa because they give a paraffin wax hand treatment during your cleaning. During mercury filling removal and replacement, they were very attentive and professional making the process less anxiety ridden for me.

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