Consultation or New Patient Visit at Atlanta Dental Spa
Discuss your questions and concerns

New Patient vs Consultation

A lot of times, our clients will call in initially and they want to know what type of appointment should I make. What we often tell our patients is that we do initial exams, as well as new patient consultations. The difference between the two is significant.

Our new patient exams are for those patients who have not been to a dental office in over a year or more, they have not had a series of dental X-rays taken in quite some time, they've not had their teeth cleaned recently and they not only have some cosmetic concerns, but they also have some concerns about their overall dental health. Those are the clients that are most likely to have an initial exam.

During that initial exam process, we'll take a complete series of digital X-rays, complete series of photos, and we'll do a comprehensive exam so that we can talk about everything that's going on in their mouth as far as their overall general health, as well as answer their questions about any cosmetic concerns they may have and smile enhancement. That is ideal for that type of patient.

There are those patients who have been to their dental offices or another dental practice recurrently, they've recently had their teeth cleaned, they have no major dental concerns; they may just be concerned about a tooth or they really just want to enhance their smiles, or do an overall smile design; closing spaces, lengthening, whitening, straightening their teeth, and some options for doing that. Those are the patients that are ideal for consultation.

During that process, we'll take a complete series of dental photos; we'll talk about what your goals are for your smile and where you're trying to go with it. We'll sit down and come up with some options for you that will help you accomplish those goals. Then I'll sit down with you after it's all said and done with the doctor, and the doctor has given you those options, and we'll talk about how we can make it fit into your lifestyle.

There's something for everyone. Just depending upon where you start can determine where we take you on your first visit. We do it in an atmosphere that is complete comfortable, relaxing, a zen atmosphere. We make it work for you.

Consultation Visit

Do you have questions or concerns about your mouth, teeth, or smile? Would you prefer to discuss your cosmetic or general dentistry needs with a doctor before having an exam and x-rays? If so, schedule a consultation visit at Atlanta Dental Spa. At this visit you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns with one of our expert doctors and a treatment consultant. We will take digital photographs of your smile and your teeth. Together, you and the doctor will view the photos and devise a custom treatment plan to achieve your goals. After your customized treatment plan is created, your personal treatment consultant will discuss fees for treatment and convenient financial options with you. Your treatment consultant will work with you to schedule treatment as you move forward to achieve your goals for your mouth, teeth and smile.

New Patient Visit

Once you are ready to join our family of patients, schedule a new patient exam. At this visit, we will take digital photographs of your teeth and smile, along with any necessary x-rays. One of our expert doctors will take the time to perform a very thorough exam of your mouth and teeth. Together, you and the doctor will discuss your questions and concerns as well as findings from the exam. From the information gathered, we will create a customized treatment plan to achieve your goals. Your personal treatment consultant will then discuss fees and financial options with you. And together you will schedule your treatment as planned. It may be convenient for you to have a hygiene visit (routine cleaning) on the same day. Just ask and we will be happy to schedule these appointments together for your convenience.

By the time you complete your new patient visit, you will already be a part of our family of patients. You will also have an assistant you know by name who will walk you through treatment and be available to you via e-mail or phone to answer any future questions or concerns. Atlanta Dental Spa patients like that they see the same faces each time they return for appointments.