Complete Health Dentistry
The Oral-Systemic Connection

See how the mouth is connected to the body

Overall health starts with a healthy mouth.

Atlanta Dental Spa is leading the way in preventive care - and not just cavity prevention! We understand the link between the health of your mouth and your total health, and we have stepped up to improve the total health of our patients. Gum disease is a major risk factor for heart attack and ischemic stroke. Gum disease causes inflammation throughout your entire body and damages the insides of your arteries. This is the first step toward a heart attack or stroke. Next, a soft arterial plaque forms in the wall of your damaged artery. This plaque grows until it ruptures. The rupture is also triggered by inflammation and oral bacteria. A clot forms at the rupture site and blocks the flow of blood in that artery. If that artery is in your heart, the event is a heart attack. If that artery is in your brain, the event is a stroke. At Atlanta Dental Spa, we are trained to screen our patients for risk factors such as inflammatory markers, vulnerable plaque, and pathogenic oral bacteria. We use diagnostic tools to check for these signs, and we educate our patients so they completely understand what’s going on inside their arteries. Our Atlanta Dental Spa team has a passion for and a vested interested in the complete health of our patients. Many of our providers are certified in the Bale-Doneen Method, a revolutionary plan to prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes. We work hard, we study hard, and we train to provide our patients with the highest standard of care. We realize a lot of patients are  unaware of their true risk for heart attack and stroke. Meanwhile, heart attack and stroke remain the leading causes of death and disability in our country. And it’s preventable! For our patients who have increased risk, we offer to partner with their physicians for the betterment of their total health. If their physicians are resistant to partnership, we offer to connect our patients with physicians in the community who are also practicing leading-edge healthcare. As you can imagine, our patients sincerely appreciate our dedication to their total health and wellness. We choose to educate our patients about these risks, and we choose to provide leading-edge screening for our patients who choose to be proactive in preventing diseases of all kinds.

OralDNA Testing

OralDNA is a genetic salivary test that shows if you have pathogenic bacteria present in your teeth and gums and also what the levels are of each bacteria. OralDNA can also tell us if you’re genetically predispositioned to have periodontal disease. And if so, we work with you to create a personalized plan to help ensure you won’t slip into disease. OralDNA also checks for oral HPV – one of the leading causes of oral and pharyngeal cancer.

Heart Smart Screen

Heart Smart Screen checks for the inflammatory markers C-reactive Protein (hsCRP), and Lipopolysaccharide Phospholipase A (LpPlac2). If you have increased levels of these markers, there is a good chance that the insides of your arteries are undergoing damage, and it puts you at increased risk for heart attack and ischemic stroke. Heart Smart Screen also checks your Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels. If these levels are high, you may be pre-diabetic (without knowing it) which also puts you at high risk for heart attack and stroke.