Cosmetic Imaging
Cosmetic Imaging: Your New Smile

Instructions For Taking Photos

Instructions for Smile imaging

At Atlanta Dental Spa we have the capability, through excellent imaging technology, to show you your very own “before” and “after” pictures (simulated) of what your smile could look like after an Atlanta Dental Spa smile makeover. From whitening, to closing gaps, to a smile makeover with veneers, we can show you a photo of yourself and what you would look like after that treatment.
It’s one thing to talk about changes…it’s way better to see what you COULD look like with the changes in place! And, if you like what you see, at Atlanta Dental Spa we can deliver those results in as few as two short visits.

? How Does Smile Imaging Work?

It’s simple, just schedule a consultation and we will take your photo for you and do your smile imaging in our office, on the spot!