Dental Anxiety
We will help to alleviate any fears you may have about visiting the dentist

What is Dental Anxiety?

A Personal Experience (Vanessa)

We get a lot of calls at Atlanta Dental Spa from patients that have severe dental anxiety. From personal experience, I am a self-professed dentalphobe as well. I worked at the office for over a year before they were able to get me in the chair for my dental cleaning. It had been a really long time since I'd had any dental work done, just from

traumatic experiences as a child or in the past. Atlanta Dental Spa does a very good job at making you feel at home, making you feel comfortable in the chair, and just really putting you at ease. Our hygienists and our dentists will go over treatment prior to doing anything in your mouth. They'll tell you exactly what they're going to be doing so that there's not any confusion or any apprehension about what kind of treatment you're going to be receiving.

One cool thing about Atlanta Dental Spa that many other practices don't offer is the sedation dentistry. I have had several procedures done over the last year or two that did require sedation dentistry. Dr. Currie is fantastic. Basically, you're going to go in and they're going to put the IV in, and you're going to be out for the rest of the procedure. You're not going to remember anything. As long as you have a driver, you're good to go. And trust me, if you have any dental anxiety, this is definitely the way to go.

FACT: Dentophobia is a very common fear in the U.S.

As a self-proclaimed dental phobe, I can assure you that the team at Atlanta Dental Spa will help to alleviate any fears you may have about visiting the dentist. At your appointment, your treatment will be thoroughly explained to you so that you have a full understanding of the procedure. Our calming atmosphere includes relaxing music, relaxing water fountains, and noise canceling headphones to help eliminate any dental office anxiety. In addition, we offer sedation dentistry to help calm your nerves during your appointment.

Managing Dental Anxiety with IV Sedation