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Atlanta Dental Spa’s Top Dentists Offer High Quality Cosmetic Bonding

What is Dental Bonding?

Restorations vs. Cosmetic Bonding

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for dental bonding?

There are two basic types of dental bonding procedures:

  • Restorations (fillings/repairs of chips, cracks, etc)
  • Cosmetic Bonding (no-prep veneers)

Are there drawbacks to bonding?

Even though bonding material is an advanced polymer, it is still a type of plastic. A drawback to plastics as a restorative material is that they are porous on a microscopic level and therefore they absorb stain. If we are covering teeth with bonding these restorations will require more maintenance like polish, stain removal, or chip repair than using porcelain, which is resistant to stain because it is not porous. For this reason, Atlanta Dental Spa will usually recommend porcelain veneers as your ideal option for improving 8 or more teeth in your smile.

Do tooth-colored fillings cause sensitivity?

It depends who your dentist is! At Atlanta Dental Spa, we have record success with tooth-colored fillings. Placing tooth-colored fillings is an extremely precise, detailed procedure, which if you are not careful, will result in a filling that will cause tooth-sensitivity, and/or a filling that will leak, crack, fail, or fall out. Atlanta Dental Spa dentists understand the precision needed to achieve top success using tooth-colored fillings. Because our dentists are skilled perfectionists, they perform this procedure (and all others) with the fine detail needed to ensure success. We pride ourselves on constant education about leading-edge technology and advancements, including the best bonding principles. Dentists around the country turn to the Atlanta Dental Spa team to learn the latest and best practices in bonding.

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