Missing Teeth / Dentures / Implants
You’re missing teeth and find yourself looking at options to replace missing teeth

Same Day! Low Cost! 1 Hour! No Waiting!......terrible idea

Sounds like a tout by a dry cleaner or photo developer, right? Well, these are the values dentists traditionally claim regarding dentures. In the past, dentists have skimmed over denture procedures, giving little attention to their creation. At Atlanta Dental Spa, we firmly believe everyone should have access to the smile they deserve.

The mere need for dentures does not indicate the end of a beautiful smile.

There are over 20 million edentulous people in the United States today. Those living with missing or damaged teeth have multiple options for replacements: complete, partial or Atlanta Dental Spa cosmetic. Imagine Atlanta Dental Spa’s signature, flawless, no-prep veneer smiles in the form of dentures.

Atlanta Dental Spa’s cosmetic dentists work passionately toward creating the most beautiful and youthful smiles for patients whose natural teeth have been compromised and require replacement. See our gallery of cases here: Cosmetic denture.  These patients are fully involved in the denture creation process, from providing a photo of past smiles for inspiration to selecting the desired gum shade.

What is a cosmetic denture?

Traditional Denture vs Overdentures (implant supported)

It’s definitely not a $400 economy denture that you’re probably not going to like. The economy denture is probably not going to look good, it’s probably not going to fit well, certainly won’t last, and all of your friends are going to look at you and think, “He’s got dentures.”

That’s not what we want to do. We want to give people a denture that’s indistinguishable from natural teeth, including the gums.We go as far as to even tint the gum tissue to make it look so natural. My goal is that if you pulled the lips up and looked, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s a denture. That’s not what you see walking around town. Most people go to a daylong fabrication facility and get them made quickly and inexpensively. Inexpensive means cheap. Cheap doesn’t mean it’s going to look good, last, or work well in your mouth.

Here at Atlanta Dental Spa, we use the best materials, the best teeth, and the best techniques we know to fabricate an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous denture that will fool anyone and people won’t know it’s a denture. We do that through some unique processes that we’ve learned over years of study, years of tweaking this technique down to an art form. One of our biggest successes with this is we set the teeth with you in the chair, so it gives us an unrivaled ability to facilitate facial rejuvenation. With a denture, you’re not just replacing teeth; you’re replacing lost gum and bone. These things can make it almost look as if you’ve had a face lift even, can make your face even look better, not just your smile. That’s one of the add-ons that you get with a cosmetic denture. You get a lot more than just teeth, you get a new smile, you get a new face, you get a face that looks great and looks natural. that you can feel good about. Denture patients already have one strike against them self-esteem-wise; you know you are already missing your teeth. We want to give you something that boosts your confidence and makes you feel better. When we finish a case, I want the patient to sit up and have the same happy tears of joy a veneer patient has at their beautiful new smile.

Traditional dentures:

Traditional dentures are dentures held in the mouth by nothing other than passive retention.

This means that impressions are taken of the mouth (without teeth) and dentures are fabricated precisely to the underlying gum.

Typically, people who have a denture in this situation have to rely on denture adhesives or pastes to keep the denture in place throughout the day.

This is especially the case on lower dentures because the ridge of bone and gum on the lower is not as substantial as that on the top, so the denture “flops” around more. The upper denture is usually a little more stable in this situation because it utilizes the surface area of your palate to help keep things in place.

Implant Dentures (hybrid bridge):

This option is not really a denture – it’s more like a fixed bridge. Typically 4 or 6 dental implants are placed on the upper and lower arch. The denture hybrid (implant dentures) is actually fixed to the implants in the mouth.

This is the most stable option and it is NOT removed each night. Some other names for this type of denture are “All on 4″ or “Teeth in an Hour.”

The advantage to implant supported dentures is that they are the most stable and most aesthetic option; they are the best cosmetic dentures in Atlanta, however, due to their complex nature and the amount of dental implants necessary to support them, they are also the most expensive. See the example of the implant dentures (hybrid denture bridge) below: If you need dentures in Atlanta, then contact our cosmetic dentists today!

Over denture:

A denture that is essentially attached to either two dental implants  or two mini-implants. You can see how this option helps to stabilize and retain the denture in the mouth. The denture will actually “click” into the two positions.

Old dentures (or your existing denture) can usually be retro-fit to accommodate the denture. As far as dentures go, this is the second best denture option for long term. In the opinion of Atlanta Dental Spa, almost all lower dentures should be an over denture because otherwise they just “flop” around, making it difficult to speak and talk. This option still makes the denture removable each night.

Dental Implants & how they can support a denture

Dental Implants that help dentures stay put!

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth.

Before the technology of dental implants was developed, dentists relied on bridges, partial, or complete dentures to replace a missing or compromised tooth.

Bridges require crowns which may compromise the life of existing teeth that must be altered to accommodate bridges. In many cases, opting for bridges to replace a tooth can lead to accelerated decay and subsequent cavity formation.

An implant consists of a titanium screw that functions as the root of a tooth, the implant abutment (coping that provides support to the new crown), and the implant crown. The titanium screw, or implant post, is crucial in helping maintain the strength and size of the mouth’s bone structure, which supports the teeth and will be lost or diminished in strength, health and size once a tooth is absent. Implants maintain the health of the existing bone and limit the amount lost over time. Implants can be used to replace multiple teeth (as in a bridge) or to retain or support partial and complete dentures, ensuring the quality of those options for replacement.

Implants function like teeth, can be flossed and brushed like teeth and are not removed. Implant placement is typically a 6-12 month process to ensure osseointegration, fusion of the implant with surrounding bone. If proper care and hygiene measures are taken, implants can last a lifetime.