Family Dentistry
We are a family-oriented practice not only driven by healthy, beautiful smiles, but also focused on overall wellness and total body health.

Family Dentistry

Many people think that at Atlanta Dental Spa we only do small rejuvenations and cosmetic dentistry. In reality, we love to take care of your entire family! As parents ourselves, we know that oral health starts at a very early age. It’s very important to start visiting the dentistry early on, even at 6-months to a year!
As we know, a lot of oral conditions are genetic and inherited. It’s very important for us to know your family history. Early intervention and prevention is very key to overall oral health and wellbeing. So, it’s very important to us that we see the entire family. We have a passion for taking care of our patients. Atlanta Dental Spa is a family-oriented practice not only driven by healthy, beautiful smiles but also focused on overall wellness and total body health. At Atlanta Dental Spa, you, your family and children are under the care of healthcare providers concerned with your comfort, safety and well-being. Atlanta Dental Spa provides services for the entire family from minimally-invasive and preventative child dentistry to simultaneous parent-child cleanings for optimal time management. Here at Atlanta Dental Spa, we work together to forge the healthiest possible lives for our patients and their families.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry for Children

In addition to our mission to bypass the drilling and grinding methods of traditional dentistry, we not only provide no-prep veneer and other noninvasive options but also use rinses that promote enamel growth and reverse cavities, eliminating the need for drilling. When children regularly visit for checkups, we are able to easily detect the early stages of a cavity, treat it and prevent the need for an invasive dental procedure

Xylitol and Preventative Dentistry

As a wellness-focused practice, Atlanta Dental Spa provides the knowledge and encouragement for patients to live at their healthiest. Atlanta Dental Spa also strives to keep children at their healthiest by practicing minimally invasive dentistry for the early detection and prevention of dental problems. The naturally occurring sugar alcohol Xylitol is at the forefront of healthy sugar alternatives and is used in dentistry as a cavity preventative. Atlanta Dental Spa provides Xylitol products palatable to kids–not only to prevent the need for future invasive procedures –but to also promote happy and healthy mouths.