Atlanta Dental Spa Can Adjust Your Misaligned Bite

  Is your bite is a little off center? You might not have pain or trouble chewing, but a misaligned bite could cause uneven and accelerated wearing of your teeth, leading to greater problems down the road.

Fact: A bad bite, or malocclusion, can sometimes be responsible for tooth pain, jaw pain (TMJ), headaches, tooth sensitivity, poor esthetics, and more

Malocclusion is the misalignment of a bite or unfavorable placement of teeth. Though malocclusion does not hinder functions of the mouth, it can lead to accelerated wear on the teeth – ultimately reducing the size, shape and strength of those teeth that contribute to face shape. It also contributes to decreased longevity of the teeth, which can advance deterioration and jeopardize dental health. Malocclusion can also be characterized by visual spacing or crowding in your smile, an uneven bite or a chipped, cracked or broken tooth resulting from misalignment.