Minimally Invasive Dentistry
Our use of technological advancements coupled with innovative and gentle peridontal disease treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry: Being Conservative with your Smile

Dentistry’s changing in a major way, even in the last 5 years. The main way that dentistry’s changing, it’s becoming less invasive. That means for the patient, I’m having to drill less on you; patients like that. From no-prep veneers to...I have a rinse that I can reverse cavities with.

I don’t have to drill-and-fill as much as I used to have to do anymore. This is just stuff that’s just really come out in the last 5 or 10 years. Plus one of the reasons that we’re so passionate about our continuing education as a team, because if we haven’t been going to the courses in the last few years, we’re behind. If you hear us all getting passionate about talking about stuff like that, it’s because if you’re the patient, isn’t that what you want? You don’t want to go get drilled on. You want who’s trying to drill as little as possible and let your body heal and work with your total wellness.

What more can we say?  At Atlanta Dental Spa, we like to drill less on our patients. In the last 5 years, innovations in dentistry have taken patient care and treatment procedures to an advanced (and much less aggressive) level.  As technology advances, invasive treatments dimish and become replaced with minimal, gentle and simple procedures. No-Prep veneers, for instance completely transform a smile without the need for numbing or drilling down teeth. We no longer have to grind teeth for restorative crowns – instead we use conservative porcelain fillings to restore and strengthen your teeth. One of our Atlanta Dental Spa sayings is “Say NO to Crowns!”

In addition to these minimally invasive restorative techniques, we reverse small cavities using specialized rinses that grow back enamel and reverse the cavity formation, eliminating the need to drill and fill.

Our use of technological advacements coupled with innovative and gentle peridontal (gum) disease treatment create an industry-leading dental practice committed to continued education and dedicated to quality patient care.

What is Minimally Invasive Dentistry?