Oral DNA Testing & Oral HPV testing for Periodontal Disease
Oral DNA testing shows us the exact kinds of bacteria present in your mouth

Oral DNA Test

Oral DNA is kind of one of our tricks and tools that we get to use with treating periodontal disease more efficiently and more effectively. There’s thousands of different types of bacteria in your mouth, but seven of those bacteria specifically can cause major infections in the gums and the bones around the teeth.

We have the ability now to have a patient rinse with a saline solution for like 30 seconds, spit it into a little test tube, send it off to a lab, and get accurate levels of the bacterial counts and end up then prescribing an antibiotic for that specific bacteria so that we can attack it thoroughly and effectively verses just kind of on a broader base. This allows us to be direct and exact. Yeah, the treatment for it is amazing.

Oral DNA testing shows us the exact kinds of bacteria present in your mouth. This information tells us if you are more susceptible to certain kinds of periodontal disease and tooth decay. If we find that certain dangerous and destructive bacteria are present in your mouth, we can use specific antibiotic therapy to target and destroy these bacteria.

Oral DNA at Atlanta Dental Spa

Sometimes patients have a chronic infection, chronic gum disease (periodontal disease), or problematic bad breath (halitosis) that they can’t seem to get rid of. We can use oral DNA testing to find out if there is a bacteria that is the underlying cause of these problems. Also, periodontal disease has a genetic link, and oral DNA testing can tell you if you are genetically susceptible to developing periodontal disease. This procedure is similar to the procedure doctors use to test if you have strep throat.

Oral DNA and oral HPV testing procedures are becoming more common in practices like Atlanta Dental Spa, because we now understand that if your mouth is unhealthy you are at risk for other life-threatening systemic illnesses (cardiovasular disease, diabetes, pre-term labor, auto-immune and inflammatory diseases).

Oral HPV testing

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common virus groups in the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control, at least 20 million people in the United States are infected with HPV and there are approximately 6 million new cases each year.

Oral HPV is a manifestation of the HPV virus in the mouth, and is primarily found in the oropharyngeal complex. Specific types of oral HPV are now considered to be separate and serious risk factor for developing oral cancers. Early detection and identification of the presence or absence of oral HPV is important, as early oral HPV infections do not typically cause any clinical signs or symptoms.

The OraRisk® Oral HPV test is a non-invasive, easy-to-use screening tool to identify the type(s) of oral HPV, a mucosal viral infection that could potentially lead to oral cancer. OraRisk® HPV testing enables the clinician to establish increased risk for oral cancer and determine appropriate referral and monitoring conditions.

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? How is Oral DNA testing done at Atlanta Dental Spa?

Atlanta Dental Spa works with OralDNA Labs to do two different types of DNA testing: MyPerioPath and MyPerioID

See a sample report:  Sample OralDNA report

MyPerioPath test identifies the specific bacteria present your mouth. If your mouth is infected with the types of bacteria that cause gingivitis (early stage gum disease) and periodontal disease (later stage gum disease), Atlanta Dental Spa will customize your treatment to eliminate the specific types of harmful bacteria present in your mouth.

MyPerioID PST oral DNA testing determines if you are genetically predispositioned to develop periodontal disease (gum disease). At Atlanta Dental Spa, if we find out that you have this genetic predisposition, we will customize your hygiene plan to help you prevent the future development of the disease.