Porcelain Bridges

? What is a Porcelain Bridge?

Porcelain Bridges

A porcelain bridge is a treatment option for replacing a missing tooth. Atlanta Dental Spa takes great pride in producing bridges that look great, look natural, and are highly functional. We won't accept anything less than the best in replacing a lost tooth or teeth.

? Who is a candidate for a Porcelain bridge?

If for any reason you have lost a tooth or teeth which has resulted in a gap between your remaining teeth, you are likely a candidate for a bridge. Your other options are dental implant replacements, or removable partial dentures. When you schedule a consultation with Atlanta Dental Spa we will review each of these options with you to find out which is the best treatment for you.

? What are the advantages of a Porcelain bridge?

Advantages of a porcelain bridge include:
  • They look great!
  • Atlanta Dental Spa bridges look, feel & function like natural teeth!
  • Porcelain bridges do not have the ugly gray line at the gumline that you see with metal bridges
porcelain bridges Example of our porcelain bridges. The white "x" indicates teeth that were missing prior to the bridge!

? What are the disadvantages of a Porcelain bridge?

Disadvantages of a porcelain bridge include:
  • The teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth must be prepared for a restoration
  • All of the teeth in the dental bridge are connected, so flossing is more difficult
  • If one tooth on the bridge has a problem, the whole bridge must be replaced

? How long do they last?

Your porcelain bridge will last many years, as long as you're taking care of your teeth properly.

? How much do they cost?

Because porcelain bridges are involve multiple teeth they typically cost several times more than a basic one-tooth crown.