Atlanta Dental Spa Gives Back
We wanted to use our talents to give back in as many ways as we could.

Throughout the years, we've helped raise thousands of dollars. Atlanta Dental Spa joined the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s “Give Back A Smile” (GBAS) program which offers smile improvements to victims of domestic abuse. Many dentists offer whitening or bonding services to GBAS, but ADS wanted to give more. We called up our implant specialists and our master ceramists across the country, and together as a team performed full-mouth reconstructions on our GBAS patients (these women lost several teeth as a result of violence and neglect involved in their past relationships). The women were reminded of tumultuous and painful pasts each time they looked in the mirror. Now, they are greeted by a gorgeous smile and encouraged to press on. The newly created smiles can erase the lingering memories associated with their pasts. These women are survivors and we wanted to honor them for their strength, courage and resilience as they conquered abuse and pain to better themselves and their children.

Atlanta Day Shelter -Spring 2013

Whitening Proceeds to Benefit Cool Girls

Atlanta Dental Spa donated cleaning and whitening services to Cool Girls, Inc.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Give Back a Smile Program

Atlanta Dental Spa has been able to provide these women with the dentistry needed to restore their teeth and smile — dentistry they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. Yet, what really feels good is the fact that we help to enable these women to feel better and become even stronger. One of these survivors, Blanca, recently shared with us that she is now able to give back more in her community because she is able to smile. She says that her smile is so pretty that it makes others smile when they see her. She just keeps on spreading the smiles, making more and more people happy. We didn’t expect our efforts to spread across the community in this way, but we realize now (even more) that when we give back to a few, it spreads positively to many more.

Over the years, our Atlanta Dental Spa team has found other places where we can serve. We have team members who volunteer for the Good Samaritan Clinic downtown. We raise money for breast cancer research through Smile Pink. We donate oral health gift bags to the Cool Girls Organization. We run as a team for CURE childhood cancer, bowl as a team for the underprivileged. We buy back hundreds of pounds of candy from kids at Halloween so we can send it to our US troops overseas via Operation Gratitude. When our own patients refer a new patient to our practice, we thank them by donating $100 to the charity of their choice. The high-fives between ADS team members are abundant as we continue to find opportunities to make a positive difference.

Cure Childhood Cancer 5K

Operation Gratitude 2010-2013

Smile Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness


So after a few years of giving back in this way, the ADS partners decided that we wanted to do something even more special. We have always had grand ideas about how we might be able to do more and give more. So, we decided to create our own foundation — the Reason to Smile Foundation ( We launched the organization (and dove into the paperwork) in early 2011. To start, we wanted to do something big for some deserving someone…somewhere. So we launched the idea — asked for video entries, and sent the message across the world using Facebook as our vehicle. And we had an amazing response. We narrowed hundreds of entries down to 10. We put these “top ten” on our Facebook site and asked the world to vote. Carolyn won. Here is her story (submitted by her sister Donna).

When we flew Carolyn down to spend her “makeover week” with us, we realized that, actually, WE had won. Carolyn is this AMAZING strong force who has walked a very tough walk in life. But, you won’t find her stopping to think about her bad fortune. Not a chance.

She spends her time every day thinking about how she can best help others. In fact, she told us it was actually hard for her to win our contest because she’s not used to being on the other side as the one who is having things done for her. We were able to correct Carolyn’s bite and give her a new beautiful smile. Here is the video showing when she first saw her new temps (with her sister Donna who created the video entry for Carolyn).

Our Atlanta Dental Spa team once again rounded up our “makeover” colleagues and were able to get Dr. Chip Cole (Occular plastic surgeon) to provide Botox and fillers. Hair and Make-up expert Raymond Adams put the icing on the cake for her complete makeover.

Swank Boutique owner Emily Dees Boulden added finishing touches with a new outfit. Our entire makeover team would agree that giving back in this way is one of the most rewarding things we get to do. Carolyn was a great patient — she made if even more fun for all of us.

Carolyn's story caught the attention of Better Mornings Atlanta and was featured on its Positively Georgia segement.