Reversing Cavities
Stop Decay, and Possibly Reverse It!

Possibly Reversing Cavities. Less Drilling is a good thing!

Less drilling, more results!

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right! There is no way to reverse decay!” Well, this isn’t science fiction! Reversing decay has been made possibly through advances made around how decay progresses in your mouth. We think proactively about your smile to provide the best care possible. We offer various rinses, toothpastes, and chewing gums made with a naturally-occurring sweetener called Xylitol. These products are designed to harden and remineralize your teeth, making your mouth a healthy place to fight bacteria. Xylitol is a healthy sugar alternatives and is used in dentistry as a cavity preventative. We look forward to helping you assess your risk and find the best product fit for you! As a wellness focused practice, Atlanta Dental Spa provides knowledge and encouragement for patients to live their healthiest lives. We also strive to encourage optimal patient health by practicing minimally invasive dentistry for the early detection and prevention of dental problems.
Reversing Cavities

FACT: Decay is actually caused from by-products of bacteria, not from the bacteria themselves.

These by-products of bacteria are very acidic, and acidity is enamel’s #1 enemy! Acid from bacteria by-products, and from food and beverage with high acidity, slowly etches through your tooth's enamel surface and down into the second layer of your tooth structure, called dentin. By killing this acid-causing bacteria and then creating a healthy environment in your mouth the tooth can actually start to remineralize and repair itself provided the damage has not reached too deep into your tooth.


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