Dental Sealants: Important Information

What are dental sealants?

Sealants are a protective varnish that is placed to protect the deep grooves in your back teeth. These grooves are “hiding places” that allow bacteria to accumulate and cause tooth decay. The sealant eliminates the “hiding place.”

Who should have sealants placed?

At Atlanta Dental Spa we encourage all adults and children to have all of your back teeth properly sealed. Sealants can prevent the kind of decay that starts in the deep grooves of back teeth, and we believe if you keep your teeth properly sealed, you will eliminate your risk for this kind of tooth decay.

Does insurance cover sealants?

Most insurance companies will reimburse for sealants placed on permanent molars in patients who are under the age of 14. Additionally flex-spending accounts and health savings accounts (FSA and HSA) usually reimburse for this procedure. At Atlanta Dental Spa, we can help you by doing complimentary benefits check (to see if your insurance company might cover expenses) for you. We feel very strongly that your insurance company does not have the right to dictate the quality or level of care you receive. For example, many insurance companies will not cover sealants for adults.

We still recommend sealants for all of our adult patients, as they are just as prone to tooth decay as children are. With an inexpensive sealant placed on your tooth, you may avoid several future expensive and extensive procedures caused by tooth decay.