Sedation Dentistry
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Dental Anxiety

Atlanta Dental Spa offers a range of sedation options

Dental anxiety is an all-too real problem for many and our aim is to make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We have a full range of sedation options, including oral pills, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide. With the range of options available you're sure to find a solution that works best for your needs. Following are details on the various types of sedation dentistry offered at Atlanta Dental Spa.

First option:   Oral Sedation Dentistry

Atlanta Dental Spa has a simple solution to getting your mouth fixed and healthy. The solution is called oral sedation dentistry. It’s a tiny pill, it’s safe, and it will allow you to get everything healthy at once, and you won’t even know you went to the dentist. Did you know that nearly half of the adult population in the US has true dental fear or dental phobia? Most commonly the result of very bad past experience(s), dental phobia ranks in the top 3 phobias in adults. Other contributing factors to dental anxieties are feelings of loss of control, embarrassment, needles, the drill and dental smells. The Atlanta Dental Spa team understands these fears and anxieties which is why we created our practices in a way that gets rid of many of these “old school” practices. When you walk through our doors, you will not even feel like you’re at the dentist.

How does oral sedation work?

A tiny pill calms all nerves and takes you into a twilight sedated state. While you’re sedated, our team of dentists fixes your dental problems. When you “wake up” you’re back home and comfortable. It’s that simple using sedation dentistry at Atlanta Dental Spa.

2nd option:   I.V. Sedation (conscious or twilight sedation)

Conscious sedation is a safe, controlled and reversible option for the reduction of anxiety, memory and time perception during a procedure. It can be administered orally or intravenously and produces a shallow state of sedation which allows the patient to maintain control of safety reflexive functions and cognitive response. This method was originally intended for use by cardiac patients with a history of heart disease in order to provide the most secure possible treatment for at-risk patients. At Atlanta Dental Spa, each of our patients receive the most safe and gentle sedation treatment options available.
Managing Dental Anxiety with IV Sedation

How Sedation Dentistry Works

The first thing we'll do is meet you and find out about you, understand what you’re scared about, and what your medical history is. This will allow us to treat you safely and predictably, and understand what it is that we need to do and how we can maximize your dental appointment. Once we’ve done our consultation and we decide that IV sedation is a good option for you-and it’s a good option for most folks. Let me clear up something while I have the opportunity. A lot of people think IV sedation may not be safe for them. It’s actually why IV sedation was brought into dentistry. Being scared, being nervous, having that extra anxiety-that’s usually the kind of thing that triggers a cardiac event. When we have you under IV sedation, you’re very calm, you’re very mild mannered, nothing seems to upset you, things like that. The level of anxiety is so low that it’s actually a much safer environment for cardiac patients. Also if you have a high blood pressure episode, we can have direct access to give you medications to keep you in a very safe, controlled level. That kind of thing can’t be offered if you don’t have an IV going. But it’s not just for folks who have medical conditions. Just pure anxiety is plenty reason enough to do IV sedation. But what it is, is you come in. We do start an IV on you. We give you a combination of medications that pretty much help minimize how much you remember. It may be a two-hour appointment. It may seem like 20 minutes to you. We give you stuff that makes you quite comfortable. If you’re, say, having a tooth pulled, I can give things that help to minimize swelling, minimize discomfort for the following days afterwards. So there’s a variety of things that we can offer that we really are just limited to not being able to do if we don’t have an IV going. But it’s easy. It’s comfortable. And seriously once you try it, most folks want to do it again and again for whatever they got going. So please come in, talk to us, learn more, and understand that it’s actually a really awesome service that we can offer for you right here in your backyard in Atlanta.

Dental Anxiety Management

Atlanta Dental Spa provides safe and simple solutions to your dental angst. We take our patients through a consultation that covers medical history, anxiety history and a discussion of patient concerns and fears. We manage patient anxiety using three methods including conscious sedation, pre-op preparation and nitrous oxide. To encourage relaxation and provide a comfortable, relaxing environment, we provide noise cancellation headphones, shaded eyewear and HD ceiling TVs.


This method involves a preparatory, night-before option that promotes optimal sleep quality leading up to the procedure, which is crucial for a successful operation.

Nitrous Oxide

Also commonly referred to as laughing gas, this method is ideal for those required quick recovery following a procedure. Nitrous oxide can be administered and quickly flushed out by oxygen within minutes. Following a nitrous oxide treatment, the patient will leave Atlanta Dental Spa as alert and bright-eyed as upon arrival.

How do I begin?

Taking that first step may be an overwhelming barrier. We want to eliminate your fears and remove the barriers, so to begin you can simply call us. We will discuss your wants and needs, and we can create an estimated treatment plan to reach your goals. We can also discuss how sedation dentistry works, and find out if it is an ideal option for you. You may also call us 678-392-1596 or fill out the contact form on our home page to schedule an in-office consultation. It’s like a magic wand you can wave, and instantly your mouth gets healthy without you even knowing you had work done. Atlanta Dental Spa has the magic wand!