What Is A Dental Spa?
Our Locations Are Designed So You'll Feel More Like You're At The Spa Than The Dentist

Atlanta Dental Spa: There is a Difference!
What is a Dental Spa

When Atlanta Dental Spa was created, we envisioned a place where patients could experience the dentist in a positive way. Understanding the crippling fear that so many people have of the dentist, we created a pampering haven and discovered new comfortable ways to deliver treatment. After over a decade of serving patients in a calm environment, Atlanta Dental Spa still insists on patient comfort during every procedure. With amenities like paraffin hand wax, noise-canceling headphones, digital anesthetic delivery, tempurpedic chairs and cell phone/iPad charging, Atlanta Dental Spa continues to pamper every patient. With advances in Oral Systemic Health, Atlanta Dental Spa is also a wellness spa. Our team has worked and studied hard to understand the link between the health of your mouth and you overall health. And we are partnering with our patients to help them live healthier, longer lives. Our mission is to deliver excellence in dentistry and unprecedented customer service all while improving your health and keeping you feeling comfortable, relaxed, and pampered.