Atlanta Cosmetic Dentists Discuss Pain Reducing Dentistry Procedures

Thanks to advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Atlanta cosmetic dentists Dr. Susan Estep & Dr. Peter Boulden are now able to deliver less painful dental procedures to the people of Atlanta.

Here are a few of the steps we have taken to reduce the amount of pain that our patients feel.

Small Needles

At the Atlanta Dental Spa, we use the smallest needles in the world for the dental procedures we perform. One reason people experience pain at the dentist is because of the big, bulky needles used by most dentists.

Simply put, these needles are no longer necessary, and as a result we use much smaller needles to achieve the same results with less pain. Our attention to detail, which is illustrated by the size of our needles, is just one of the reasons that our patients continually call us the best cosmetic dentists in Atlanta.

Quiet Drilling

Dr. Boulden and Dr. Estep know that drills cause a heightened level of anxiety, which in turns causes increased amounts of pain. Unfortunately most cosmetic dentists do not do much to combat this issue, and as a result their patients’ anxiety leads to increased levels of pain.

In the video below, Dr. Boulden actually demonstrates how the quiet drill helps cure our patients fears of the dentist, and also helps create a pain free dentistry environment.

In addition to using a quiet drill, Dr. Boulden also mentions the noise canceling headphones that are available to patients who want to drown out the sound of the drill entirely.

Less invasive procedures

Some of the procedures for creating crowns, veneers, dental implants, etc. have become much less invasive over the years, which is beneficial to our patients. Here at the Atlanta Dental Spa, our patients come first.

Hey, there is a reason we have been recognized nationally for our cosmetic dentistry achievements. If you have any questions about our pain free dental procedures, or would like to talk with an Atlanta Dental Spa client personally, please contact us today. We have hundreds of satisfied clients who would be willing to talk about their positive experiences here at the Atlanta Dental Spa.