Can Your Cosmetic Dentist Get Rid of Diastemas?

Unless you’ve got some kind of dental background, you could be suffering from diastemas and not even know it!

So, what on earth is a diastema?

It’s a fancy dental term used to describe the gaps in between your teeth.  Most of the time, people suffer diastemas between their two front teeth, but these gaps can occur anywhere in your mouth.  They may not cause you any physical pain, but having a gap-toothed smile can leave you with a ton of emotional pain!

Wondering who to blame for those gaps in your smile?  Chances are the finger points to genetics! While there are certain activities that can actually push your teeth out of place (like frequent tongue thrusting), many diastemas are the result of good ol’ genetics.  You might have a jaw that’s literally too big for your teeth.  As a result, your teeth spread out in an effort to cover more space — leaving you with gaps in between them.

Your labial frenum might also be to blame.  That’s the tissue that sits in between your gum and the inside of your lip.  If it’s too big, it can prevent your teeth from growing in properly. So, is there anything you can do to get rid of diastemas?

Yes, as long as you work with the right Los Angeles cosmetic dentist! A good cosmetic dentist can fix just about any problem with your smile, and getting rid of diastemas is no exception — no matter what’s causing them!

How will he do it? Your exact treatment will depend on what’s causing your diastemas and how severe they are.  Luckily, the majority of diastema treatments are quick and easy.  Instead of wearing braces for years on end, a good Los Angeles cosmetic dentist can get rid of your diastemas in as little as a couple appointments!

In many cases, attaching porcelain veneers to the front of your teeth is enough to cover up any gaps.  As an added benefit, veneers can also make your teeth look whiter, straighter, and even longer.

If your teeth need a little extra support, your cosmetic dentist can give it to them by installing crowns.  Crowns are like little caps for your teeth.  They cover up your entire tooth, and in the process, cover up your diastemas.  And, like veneers, crowns are made out of porcelain, so they can make your smile look brighter and straighter.

But what about that oversized labial frenum?

If large tissue is to blame for the gaps in your teeth, your cosmetic dentist will have to start by giving you surgery to correct it.  After your labial frenum is taken care of, your cosmetic dentist can fit you with either veneers or crowns to completely eliminate any gaps.

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