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Say Whaaaat?



A couple of days ago, we posted this tweet about chocolate toothpaste (via ABC News) and promised a reply from one of our smile experts. According to ABC, the chocolate toothpaste is part of a new line by Crest that will hit shelves next week. You’ll find words like “rich”, “transformative” and “decadent” used in the ABC story to describe the product.


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So, what do our doctors think?

“Since this toothpaste has only chocolate flavoring (not actual chocolate), it won’t have the cavity-repairing theobromine found in actual chocolate.  It will however still contain Crest’s other cavity-fighting ingredients.  And, if adding chocolate flavoring to toothpaste makes people brush more often or for longer periods of time, then I’m all for it.  And put it in floss too!”

There you have it.

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