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There are significant benefits of mercury free dentistry versus having amalgam fillings in your mouth. Are you aware that there are some big dangers to having amalgam fillings in your mouth? Amalgam fillings contain about 50% Mercury — a highly toxic and dangerous substance.

Mercury in your mouth’s amalgam fillings can cause poisoning over time and many experts say that they can cause or contribute to many serious health risks and problems. Mercury is often linked to problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease, can impact pregnancy and breastfeeding, can be linked to causing Autism in some cases, causes heart or cardiovascular problems, can cause problems with vital organs, can impact mood and mental capacity, and has a laundry list of potential problems and side-effects. The act of chewing can release the vapours into your system and the mere presence of it could mean that it’s regularly entering into your bloodstream.

Choose a Mercury-Free Dentist

It’s wise to choose a dentist that offers Mercury free fillings and who is well trained in safely removing old amalgam fillings and replacing them with safer material.

In many places, removed mercury fillings have to be treated as hazardous material. What does that tell you about the perceived danger of mercury? It speaks volumes! Some countries have already banned amalgam fillings.

The Atlanta Dental Spa firmly believes that we shouldn’t take toxic material and fill our teeth with it. We are well-qualified to offer new mercury-free fillings as well as to help you get rid of a mouth of toxic matter. We’ll gently and safely replace those fillings with ones that look better and that won’t harm you.

Contact us for a consultation. Do you want to have your Mercury fillings removed? We can help with family dental care and cosmetic dentistry and we firmly believe in the oral systemic connection. We will treat your mouth in a way that benefits your overall health.



Infographic from Dr. Mercola’s website:

Dangers of Mercury fillings

From Dr. Mercola Website