February: Raising Awareness for Children’s Dental Health

The American Dental Association has named the month of February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s a time when many agencies and clinics strive to illustrate the importance of proactive dental health care for kids. Unfortunately, many parents take their little ones to the dentist for the first time when there’s already a sign of a problem. Proactive oral care is essential, especially with babies and toddlers.   It’s never really too early to get your kids acquainted with the dentist. Early visits will help your kids develop great oral health habits and will result in your child feeling comfortable with his or her dentist and hygienist.

Avoiding Fears of Dentists

Many adults with dental fears have fears because they stem from childhood. Today’s dental offices are often much more child-friendly with dentists who  go above and beyond to make sure children are as comfortable as possible with dental procedures.  Because so many of us had our first experience having dental work done, it’s not always a pleasant memory. For some kids, their teeth are sore during their first visits so that’s not exactly conducive to developing a great relationship with a dental professional, either. If you haven’t yet brought your toddler to the dentist, consider doing it soon for a first check-up.

Putting Kids at Ease in the Dentist’s Chair

Dentists can often put kids at ease in the chair as they look in their mouth and count their teeth. The Atlanta Dental Spa has televisions on the walls and on the ceilings to help keep kids occupied and make the entire experience as friendly as possible. Not only is the environment friendly for kids but the staff is well-versed in putting kids at ease in the chair, too.

Putting Parents at Ease, Too

We know that parents often stress about their kids having dental work done, stress about the child becoming upset or being in pain, and being exposed to potentially harmful material. Relax. Your kids are in good hands here. Your positive attitude will help them get through this new experience, too.

Our approach is gentle and safer than many other dental offices. We use mercury-free fillings, digital X-Rays that reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% and we strive to be lifelong partners for your whole family in oral health areas. Contact us to set up an appointment. We offer general dentistry for the whole family and a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry services, too. Take an online tour of our office or give us a call.