Gummy Smile Correction: An Atlanta Dental Spa Service

The continually evolving world of dental science has helped people with a number of issues and problems. Not everyone is aware that you can do something about a gummy smile but large gums that cover too much of the teeth can be corrected. Here at Atlanta Dental Spa, we strive to continually update our knowledge and skills so that we can offer patients the very best in proven dental health care. If you’d like to improve the look of your gums, we offer gum lift and contouring services  to many of our Atlanta  and area dental patients. Our gum contouring can help  improve the look of your smile and reduce an excessively gummy look. The improvement of self-confidence can make this sort of procedure very worthwhile and worth the cost.

A Bit About Gum Sculpting

Gum sculpting can make a big difference in your smile. A skilled cosmetic dentist can determine the amount of gums you ideally need and can use a laser to remove excess gum tissue. It’s a bit like artistic sculpting. Just like with tooth bonding, the dentist works  to improve symmetry, shape, and so on.  But the cosmetic dentist doesn’t work on artist, elements alone. He or she needs to  sculpt to ensure the ideal look without compromising your oral wellness. The right skill isn’t just about improving the look of the smile; it’s also about leaving enough gum so that you’ll heal rapidly, too.

Does Gum Contouring Hurt?

A local numbing agent is generally all that’s needed. The laser doesn’t only trim the excess gum away but it also seals the area so that the gums heal rapidly. Most people experience minimal discomfort as a result of gum contouring.

What do contoured gums look like?

Here at Atlanta Dental Spa, we do computerized smile imaging to show you the sort of results you could expect from various procedures like a gum lift and other aesthetic dental procedures. Check out our smile gallery for many before and after photos of aesthetic dental procedures and contact us if you’d like to discuss your specific situation.

Gummy Smile Correction