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whitening after quitting smoking

If you’ve recently quit smoking, congratulations. You’ve done a great thing for your heart, your lungs, your whole health, and you’ve done an amazing thing for your family — increased the chances that you’ll have more time to enjoy life with them. Now that you’ve given yourself this important gift of better health, why not consider giving yourself a second gift — the smile of a non-smoker.


Many smokers comment that soon after they stop smoking they can’t get over the stench of the tobacco.

I can’t believe I smelled like that!

They also can’t get over the difference in their mouth. That mucky feeling goes away. Food tastes better. Your tongue starts looking better. And of course…your breath improves dramatically.

Erase Yellow from Your Teeth

Smoking does some negative things to the look of your teeth. Smoker’s yellow isn’t a pretty tooth shade.  Many patients come to the Atlanta Dental Spa for teeth whitening and are ecstatic about the results. Some smokers see us regularly and we’re happy to help but we’re especially happy to hear when non-smokers come in for a chance to erase the look of being a smoker.

We offer several teeth whitening options, such as:

  • 1-Hr Boost Teeth Whitening
  • Take home trays for you to do whitening at home
  • Professional-grade whitening strips that are way stronger that what you’ll find in the toothpaste isle at the supermarket
  • Tooth whitening pens
  • We regularly look at the best options for our patients

You’ve erased smoking from your day, isn’t it time to erase the remnants of it from your appearance? Contact us for a teeth whitening appointment. We’ll help you explore the best options to restore your teeth’s color to something you’ll be proud of.