Perio Protect Benefits

Gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to tooth loss. If you think it doesn’t apply to you, you might be wrong. Up to 85% of the US adult population has some form of gum disease and not everyone has bleeding gums as a sign of gum disease. Perio Protect Trays can be a big help in overcoming challenges of treating the bacteria that causes or exacerbates gum disease .

The oral health and body connection illustrates, more than ever, the importance of good oral health and the need to swiftly address any oral health issues you may have. Read on for information about the benefits of Perio Protect and to find out a bit about how Perio Protect can help you effectively treat gum disease, which isn’t always the easiest problem to treat and can lead to many other problems, including Halitosis.


Difficulty Treating Gum Bacteria

Scaling and root planing common treatment methods and they do help but bacteria can be a problem as it can breed faster than your dentist can deal with it. Medication can be easily washed away. While medication that fights bacteria can be administered, it’s often a frustrating cycle because increased crevicular fluid flow due to the bacteria can make it difficult for the medication to stay in place long enough to make a difference.  Perio Protect trays benefit you by providing a custom tray that is designed for your mouth. This tray can help keep medication in place, preventing it from flowing away too soon. This method of medicating eases frustration for dentists and for patients because treatment methods can be much more effective. The trays are comfortable, too.

How can I buy Perio Protect Trays?

Here at the Atlanta Dental Spa, we can meet with you to assess the health of your gums. If Perio Protect trays appear to be the right treatment route to take, we can fit you for your own customized trays and work with you to ensure that you take care of the health of your gums.  Take care of your gums and they will help take care of your oral health!

Looking for Atlanta gum disease treatment?

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