Silly Heart Attacks


HuffPost Healthy Living posted this article about heart disease in women that details a busy talent agent’s near-death experience–a heart attack–similar to the one Elizabeth Banks portrays in the above video. The article highlights the importance of paying attention to not only health, but signs that a cardiovascular event could be near.

This video is not only funny, but it also hits close to home with the doctors at Atlanta Dental Spa. It is the mission of ADS to create awareness around the crucial missing link in achieving and maintaining complete health: the mouth.More than 80% of American adults have periodontal disease.


The mouth is a gateway to the body. Periodontal disease, one that systemically spreads deadly oral bacteria via pathogens to the brain and heart, is often overlooked by physicians as a cause of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and even preterm or stillbirth.

While it is important to be aware of your risk for heart attack, it is vital to be aware of what may be causing increased risk. Atlanta Dental Spa has the resources and tools to assess risk for a cardiovascular event, is your mouth healthy?




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