Valentine’s Day Blog Roundup

Valentine’s Day Blog Roundup

As Valentine’s Day draws near, the best of bloggers are rolling out tips, gifts and pics centered around the romantic holiday. Get ready for the season of love with some of these posts from around the web!


Check out Atlanta’s own Lush to Blush for a post on Valentine’s Day makeup looks.

Lush to Blush, Valentine's Day Atlanta Dental Spa
Stop by Apartment 34 for look at gifts women really want for Valentine’s day.

Just for plain cuteness, see Georgia-local blogging beauty Shelby over at Glitter and Gingham to get some adorable yet simple outfit ideas.

Glitter and Gingham, Atlanta Dental Spa

Win free dresses for a year via ATL local Teodora at The Fashion Lush. Teodora teamed up with another hometown blog champ Jessica of My Style Vita for this super sweet giveaway.

And for a look at the world’s most extravagant engagement rings:

The World

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers: