Veneers or Invisalign: What’s Your Best Option?

A beautiful smile brings so many benefits. When you’re proud of your teeth, you will probably smile more, which makes people feel more comfortable around you and gives you more confidence. For these reasons, many patients with crooked, crowded or stained teeth come see our top cosmetic dentists in Atlanta. Two of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services that address these problems are veneers and Invisalign® clear braces.


Making the Choice

To decide between veneers or Invisalign® you need to consider several factors.

  • Extent of problems: If you have crooked or uneven teeth in several areas of your mouth, or if current crowding is likely to lead to problems in other areas of your mouth, then you’re probably better off using Invisalign® trays to permanently correct those problems.
  • Time investment: On the other hand, veneers are a much more immediate solution. Whereas veneers can give you a completely new smile in a matter of days, most of our Invisalign® patients wear their trays between 1 and 2 years before their teeth are in correct alignment.
  • Cost: The overall cost of your dental restoration will vary depending on the extent of the problems, as discussed above. Veneers generally cost about $900 to $2,200 per tooth, whereas the entire Invisalign® process usually ranges from $3,600 to about $6,000. Depending on how many veneers you would need to cover your smile imperfections, Invisalign® might be a more cost-effective option.

Whiten While You Straighten

While veneers give you an almost-instantly whiter smile, did you know that you can also whiten your teeth while you straighten them with a gel inserted into your Invisalign® alignment tray? If you and your cosmetic dentist decide that Invisalign® is the appropriate option, be sure to ask about tooth-whitening options.

Top Atlanta Cosmetic Dentists

At Atlanta Dental Spa, veneers and Invisalign® are two of our most common cosmetic dentistry services, and our team has mastered these techniques. Schedule your consultation today and get on the road to a more beautiful smile!