Whiten without Whitening

Yes. This headline is totally real.

Our hygienists here at Atlanta Dental Spa can blast away common surface stains (coffee, tea or red wine) that build up and prove difficult to remove with twice daily brushing with dental cleaning tool Prophy Jet. Commonly referred to as the “magic eraser” by our team, the Prohphy Jet is a handheld tool that uses blasts of air and a baking soda-water mixture to polish your chompers to a natural, high-wattage-white smile.

Some Prophy Jet powders used in dentistry can be harmful to existing dental work (such as porcelain veneers), but Atlanta Dental Spa’s specialized formula is gentle on gums and safe for teeth, whether natural or porcelain.

Here’s one of last week’s results.

Click for more awesome before and afters. You know you want to.

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Have tetracycline stains that need a deeper whitening treatment? Learn more about KöR! Schedule a consultation with one of our treatment coordinators – these lovely ladies will help you design a treatment plan perfect for your smile and wallet.